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To  Guestbook:
Hi Hemanta, Can you give your mail id.As i told you earlier i have open a blog, hope you visited it,Kindly mail me at : i am eagerly waiting for your mail.
– Jayanta Kalita [ *** ]

Hi, my email id is given in the Home Page. Thanks;
– Editor

To  Guestbook:
আন্তৰিক ধন্যবাদ লোচন মণি গগৈ ডাঙৰীয়া ৷ আপোনাৰ সুন্দৰ মন্তব্য পাই উৎসাহিত হ’লো ৷ ধন্যবাদেৰে অৰুণ গগৈ
– Arun [ *** ]

To  Champak Ranjan Bhuyan (Issue No 122/02-2018):
I want to send poem. how can i send it? please tell me!
– Najmal Hussain [ *** ]

The procedure to send poem to AAI is given in its Home Page.
– Editor

To  Issue No 122/02-2018:
Nomoskar. I like the assamese monthly poetryzine. i also write poem and i have composed a poem book named "MON TOI NAKANDIBI".
– Najmal Hussain [ *** ]

– Editor

To  About Me:
Hi Hemanta, Nice to know about you and your site.its a great thing to be a Assamese people started to great initiative.My best wishes to you and your vision ! I am also glad to say you ,i am also start a new blog from january 2018.My site name is its on a initial stage.please do visit for once! As profession i am a software engineer working on a govt project at guwahati under National Informatic Cente.But my passion is to bring out the hidden talent of different individual in diffrent field. As a experience person you are in this field i want to learn great things from you.Kindly make a visit at hope for the best!
– Jayanta Kalita [ *** ]

– Editor

To  Parineeta Sharma (Issue No 120/12-2017):
বৰ মনোগ্ৰাহী হৈছে
– Rana Daloi [ *** ]

To  Arunjyoti (Issue No 122/02-2018):
বৰ মনোৰম অনুভৱৰ কবিতা, ধন্যবাদ
– লোচন মণি গগৈ [ *** ]

To  Editor and Poets:
শূন্যতা . .................. মোৰ উশাহ বোৰৰ বৰ কষ্ট হয় তুমি বিহিন জীৱন কতোৱা সেউজীয়া দলিচাত যে ভালপোৱৰ সীচ মইয়ে চতিয়াইছিলো এতিয়া তো কঠিয়া তোলাৰ সময় সপোনে যে আঘোনৰ পথাৰত সোন গুতি সজোৱাৰ যো–যা, কিন্তু কি জানানে ? যেতিয়া তুমি বিহীন জীৱন কতোৱাৰ ভাৱ, মনলৈ আহে স্ত্ব্ধ হৈ পৰে হৃদয়ত বাজি থকা আশাৰ কৰ্ডবোৰ । ।
– Rajat Kanti Nath [ *** ]

To  Bhabananda Saikia (Issue No 121/01-2018):
– Diganta barman [ *** ]

To  Aneeloiv Skemp (Issue No 121/01-2018):
HITOR POKHI MOI Ojan dekhor hitor pokhi hoi..... Moiu uribo khuju daworor maje maje Luka vaku kheli premor git gai gai....... Sinaki dibo khuju... Moi hitor hanidhyo bisari fura.... Eti Sonsola pokhi.
– Sima Gogoi [ *** ]

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