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To  Parineeta Sharma (Issue No 86/02-2015):
Your all poems are marvellous.mai apunar ataloi maximum pahrisu.xua val lge.can u write a poem for me please.....i will very happy
– Alakesh [ *** ]

To  Moushumi Bori (Issue No 86/02-2015):
Your all poems are marvellous.mai apunar ataloi maximum pahrisu.xua val lge.can u write a poem for me please....
– Alakesh [ *** ]

To  Parineeta Sharma (Issue No 86/02-2015):
Apunar kobita pohi val lage... new magazine Doriyoli name kam at a loisu...jogajog krk 8402818014 my no....
– pinku [ *** ]

To  Moushumi Bori (Issue No 86/02-2015):
Apunar potitu kobitai val lage... moi nije akhn magaziner kam hatot loisu... jogajog krib pare....8402818014...
– pinku [ *** ]

To  Dhananjoy Kurmi (Issue No 86/02-2015):
ধুনীয়া কবিতা ..... ভাল লাগিছে ....
– Anarul Islam [ *** ]

To  Contact:
AAI Poetryzine webpage gave me immense pleasure. Just requesting you to explore two possibilities: To publish the poems in unicode format (for easy indexing of Assamese pages). To include a virtual Assamese type-pad (I would like to write in Assamese). Thanks again for this noble effort.
– Hemanta Baruah [ *** ]

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We are doing experiments with both of your suggestions. However, many things in this regard are client side scripting. We are trying to minimize client side code as many organizations filter out Javascripts. However, we can assure you in near future AAI will have different look. Regards,
– Editor

To  Jyoti Chaliha (Issue No 86/02-2015):
– mahmodul hassan [ *** ]

To  Pritirekha Das (Issue No 76/04-2014):
Dear, Pritirekha Das I like your poem. This is a fantastic it's touch my heart.
– Dipankar Pathak [ *** ]

To  Rajib Kayastha (Issue No 86/02-2015):
Nice poem
– swapnali bordoloi [ *** ]

To  Issue No 86/02-2015:
i need an assamese script
– raj [ *** ]

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