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Byatikrami sinta, Praxangxaniya Prayax. Amar antarik xahajogita xodai thakbo. Prakash Mudiar, Kolkata
– Prakash Mudiar [ *** ]

Thanks Prakash;
– Editor

Asamiya bhaxar Mukti kami janar xristit mukta prakash. Asamiya bhaxa jagat xibhale jaok.
– Boidurjyamani Deka [ *** ]

xcelnce. ur this try can upgrade the assamese literature in the way of peakpoint of development. Hope shortly we will b able to read the short story, novels etc. through your this electronics media. All the poems are good to read. But, I think, there is way to upgrade the writing level. From a viewpoint of a good reader I want to suggest all the poets to concentrate on their thinkings. With best regard, Dhrubajyoti Sarma
– Dhrubajyoti Sarma [ *** ]

dear kalita aponar prachestator babe( the web magazine in assamese) ashesh dhanyabad. moi asamor bahirot thako, kiba jadi paro sahay karim, mok anugrah kari janabo subhacha thakil
– swarup [ *** ]

Thanks; Your good wishes will encourage us to take the site to a certain level.
– Editor

Byatikrami prayax, byatikrami sinta. Axamiya kabita bixwar dwarwaraloi aguwai jowat aru akhoj, aponalokar ai prachexta.
– Boidurjyamani Deka [ *** ]

shrmt. parineeta sarmah'or natun duti kobita "dichang mukhot erati" aru "projonmo" kobita keita porhilu. biraat bhaal laagil...kobitaar maajedi lekhikaye natunotto aanibole xoikhyom hoise...... parineeta sarmah devir pora hudur bhwowishoteu ene monurom aru aabegore poripurno lekha aru kobita porhibole paam buli aakha rakhilu..... xohosro axom baakhir hubheisa aapunaar logot aase...... ene hundor kobita prokaakh korar baabe akou ebaar lekhika loi dhaynobaad.......debashish sarmah,mumbai
– debashish sarmah [ *** ]

The website gives a platform to the upcoming poets of assam! Keep up the good work. Best Wishes!
– D.K. Baruah [ *** ]

Yes. Our intent is to give a platform for expressing thoughts in the form of poems.
– Editor

Its very impressive and enchanting to know about this website and upcoming talented assamese poets. I wish a prosperous tenure of poetry through this message to all people associated thereof! Thank you, and Best wishes!

– Editor

I read 'Dicang Mukhat Erati'. It is an excellent composition. I wish all my Best wishes to Parineeta Sharma. Please keep it up Parineeta-Baidew and may you succeed to become renowned and dedicated in d world of poetry!
– Syamanta Boruah [ *** ]

Really both the poemes are reflects ur artistic personality and purity of your heart...i congratulate you for coming up with such nice poemes......and looking forward to some more of this kind in future...keep the good work up... Jaan
– Partha Pratim Sharma [ ***na_80@indiatimes .com ]

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