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nirakha,hotakhatu je eti aakha jiyai thakibo paro,haari juwar pichotu je eti jiyai thokhar haabiyaakh hobo pare.....taak swarup changkakoty'r "AAT" kobita tu hundor bhabe prokakh korise... nijor aapun jone dukh pabo buli ,nijoke mouno bhabe jolanjolir juit jolibole diya jonor babe ei kobita tu ekhon sochschwo dapunor dore......
– debashish sarmah [ *** ]

The poem "Aat" by Swarup Changkakoty is very touching. It describes the pain of a son who stays far away from his mother! The poet has succeed to take his reader through the same feeling with his poem! He has put his emotion in the poem from bottom of his heart and that shows...!I congratulate him for his work and looking forward to more such poems from him in future! All the best.........................!
– Partha Pratim Sharma [ *** ]

parineeta devir 'maaloti aaytaar kothare' kobita tu porhi bor bhaal laagil.kobitaar madhyamore kathur kintu hocha jivanor chobi khon daangi dhorat kobir proyakh hochakoye lekhot lobo logiya hoise. "my imagination has no end"- ei sentence to kobiye promaan koraat jen kunu kriponaali kora naai..hochaye borhiya prayakh hoise....keep it of luck,.....
– debashish sarmah [ *** ]

Thanks. We look forward your valued comments/suggestions in days to come.
– Editor

its really a great step. Thanks for such a nice step.....can i write some thing for you.
– mukti [ *** ]

You can always send your poem to aai for publication.
– Editor

At the outset im thankful to the editor of AAI - Hemanta Kumar Kalita, for his efforts to set a base platform for the upcoming poets of ASSAM. He is doing a splendid work, worth of appreciation . Sir, please keep up the good work. Best Regards and Best Wishes!!!

Thanks Biswajit.
– Editor

"Maloti Aaitar Kothara" by Parineet Sharma is based on the differentiation between a boy and a girl.No matter how much we claim ourself modern ,we still carry such kind of mentality....!The poet has conveyed this to the socity through her poem very strongly.......!Her poemes are always refreshing and have got soem social message in it,which is very appreciable......! I really congratulate her and at the same time i wish her success in her life!
– Partha Pratim Sharma [ *** ]

The poem "MALATI AAITAR KATHAARE" by parineeta sarmah accentuates her idealogy towards traditional assamese values and ethics. Her all poems are worth of appreciation and applause. I hope that in coming days she will come with more good assamese poems which will be inspirational to common people.

Respected sir, this is Sumon,I liked the poem MAALATI AAITAAR KATHAARE.After reading the poem I thoughtit is about a lady who wasted her time to get a boy child but after finishing the poem I understood that is about the discrimination done on the basis of gender(male-female).I really liked it I would like to read one another poem like this.
– Sumon [ *** ]

The poem contains message for both.
– Editor

– Chandra mili. [ *** ]

i read d new poem of mrs parineeta sarma,'dicoi nodir ghaat'.... i m quite impressed by d flow of the poem.the rhyming words of the poem are briliant. by reading the poem ,i really feel nostalogic, the innocense of the characters can be visualised clearly by the words used in the poem. according to one great writer "painting is a silent music, n music is a speaking painting ".... This poem proves this quote correct...... thanx to the writer n the publisher..... best of luck of their future....
– debashish` sarmah [ *** ]

Thanks. We are encouraged with your post.
– Editor

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