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Hemanta da, April sankhyar mur kabita "Byastotar Bo-sera jiwan" t jitu sobda "Ujuhat"(Hrosou)likha hoise,mur budhere "Ajuhat" (Sore o)hobo lage.Ebar sai dibosun..
– Mousumee [ *** ]

You are right. It should be AJUHAT; not Ujuhat. Sorry for the mistake and thanks for correcting it.
– Editor

right day. The writer, if not hold up, from this view? P.S. I can not say - perfect cognitive Web resource!
– ReetAccildele [ *** ]

I have gone through Parinita's "NUXUDHIBAA KENEKOI JIAAI ASO". Yes she is a sensitive poet.She has weakness toward ornamental words. But she has also sense of deep thought. If she give more stress on thought then definitely she can emerge a prominent poet in this region. Wish her a very good future.
– Raktim R Saikia [ *** ]

Hi, you have a nice site. Really good job! Respect :)
– vkakd [ *** ]

– Editor

A very nice effort. I have read Parinita's work I am a fan of Parinita. With time she gets maturity in her poem. But her poems are very narrative. A long description which is enough to make a reader tired. Her strong points are word selection and deepness. If she can remove her description like length and make a blend of word and thoughts, surely her creation can win a lot.
– raktim [ *** ]

Hi i am salman khan and i have read your poetry & story,believe me i just love it.but i will tell you something that you are really a good thinker of your imagination.i will give u a suggestion whatever kind of a mind u have plz do me a favour never think of a negativeness.expect your poetry you are also a good person for wishes from me to you for your future.
– salman khan [ *** ]

I read AAI. I like Parinata Sharma's Poem very much. Thanks for her and also thanks for Editor of AAI. He is doing great job.
– Jonjyoti DuttaBora, Jorhat [ *** ]

– Editor

"Xorapaatat Baxantar Daag" and "Jiwanar Charita Station", both the poems by Parineeta Sharma are outstanding.With "Xorapaatat Baxantar Daag" she has come up with a very deep thought and yet in a very simple way. That's her specialty.In "Jiwanar Charita Station" she has beautifully narrated the four seesons in life. This is surely one of her best poem till date. She is really one the best potess that we have today. She raises the standard with every new poem she comes up with. Three cheers to wishes -
– Jaan [ Array ]

It's been a long since i read Parineeta Sharma's poem. It is realyy good to read her latest poem "Nuxudhiba Kenekoi Jiyaai Aso" afeter a long. Her poems are always touching as well as refereshing. She has got an amazing poetic sense. She takes her reader to an imaginative world with her poem and her poems are worth reading for her reader............! with love ......Jaan!
– Partha Pratim Sharma [ *** ]

bhal likhisa dei..anubhutir prokaxbhongi bohut gobhirotare poripurna

– Editor

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