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xakaluloike bohag bihur hiyabhora olog janalu.
– pratiksha [ *** ]

AAI'r poriyalor khokoluloike Akhomiya Naba borkha aaru Rongali bihur khuveisa jasilu... Abee Das
– Abee Das [ *** ]

This time I read the poem "Xaralor Tale Tale Bohag".I really liked the poem, because the feeling behind the scenario of the poem has got some depth.The poem precisely reveals the feeling & the thoughts that come in our minds during the times of change.Many people,including me,are afraid of "change" as the prediction of the consequences of change isn't possible.But change is inevitable,we must hold our minds & should prepare ourselves for good as well as bad.Adaption is a necessity as it is denoted in the poem.At last I would like to say it would be an honor for me to publish or reveal such poetry to the world.Man!the editor of this site is really lucky,I've got to say that :D
– Samarth Sharma [ *** ]

But, May I request you to put the poems in html or doc format. If you are putting in image , search won;t be able to recognize this. You know there is very little content in axomiya on the web. AAI should play a big role here. Please share your thoughts
– Manjit Nath [ *** ]

I agree with you and thanks for your nice suggestion. However, there are some other issues(browser/unicode etc). I would like this site to be as simple as to view. Anyway, this site comes up in Google search as I registered the site with Google.
– Editor

Wow! People are doing so many nice nice things. Congrats Hemanta Da !
– Manjit Nath [ *** ]

– Editor

Mur priyo bondhu aru bandhobi hokol, Hokoluloike moi agontuk Bohag Bihur hubheshya jonalu.
– Parineeta Sharma [ *** ]

Parineeta Sharma,2mar kobita keita pohi sosake val lagil...ai2 website.or logot sinaki kori diyar babe thanxx....2mar kobita eeat aagole pohi thakibo paam buli aasha thakil...
– anurag saikia [ *** ]

I have gone through Parineeta’s poem “Saralar Tale Tale Bohag”. As poem, it is good. But I have some confusion about the tree mention here. “Bohag” is purely related with Assamese tradition and nature. Coming of “Bohag” is indicated by new tree leaf i.e. deciduous trees. But “Saral” means pine tree. It is an evergreen tree. So it cannot indicate any seasonal change. I find two spelling mistake in the poem.
– Dr. Raktim R Saikia [ *** ]

XOROLOR TOLE TOLE kobita2r theme val hoise.kin2 XOBDOR proyugot kisu mon dibo lagibo. ei dhora NOTUNATWAK aru BHANDAR xobdo 2tar xoloni aan xobdo proyug korile kobita2r kumol bhab eta prokash xobo. kobir ojjal vobiswat kamona korilu.
– polash loing [ *** ]

Abee das'r "Fagunor Kobita"---Khub dhuniya hoise..excellent !!!!
– Analkashyap sarma [ *** ]

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