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Nothoi anondito holu apunar prosesthat.
– Mohammed Siraj Ahmed [ *** ]

– Editor

I knew Assamese people are having big heart, their romance, passion, intimacy, fellow feelings and over and above humanity cant be compared with any other part of our nation. poems of Parineeta lead me to a practical past and an unfulfilled feelings of my life.. I hope smday the writer will come up at par of our great poets... well done .. keep writing... make us amazed.. Amitav
– Amitav [ *** ]

shukh palo
– koushik kishalay [ *** ]

Noi r somaan bobo kun , aai r somaan hobo kun... ??? Aai r bukut thoka protitu sobdo , protitu borno jugomiyaa houk...Kabitaar umot Aai odhik dirghojibi houk ..... prantot / GOURAB
– gourab [ *** ]

Shonkirno...The title though carries a meaning i.e"Critical" but it's simple words have simply defined the simplcicity of a simple and pure heart.The relations are not so simple as seen but are becomoing really Shonkirno..Good poem
– Aseef Shah [ *** ]

ritu pawanar "ATARI JABAI" khasakoi mor anubhav hoise prem thakio premat hahakar kari phura premik borar kath. dawarar atarat natun jonaki nikha loi ahiba adin "AAII"

moi nayan thakeu andha, mur mogojur duwar bondho..mur hoise budhi vrosto,jiyai thakiboloi koribo lagibo kosto!!
– jiten [ *** ]

AAI'r logot jarito khokaluke Kaati Bihu'r ulag janalu...
– abee Das [ *** ]

itz really nice...
– Dr.Divvya kumar Deka [ *** ]

This time I am confuse with Parineeta’s poem “Ahinar Abhiman”. Is it her personal elegy or just romantic imagination? Is there someone in her life? An unfinished love story? It is always a matter of debate that, should poet’s personal dream be included in public poem. In such case, the progressive mobility of a poem may slow. But one school of opinion says that all these personal feelings are part of great human feelings. So it has also its own beauty. This is a confrontation between progressive school and romantic school. All poets should maintain a balance between these two schools. Because both school has some truth. Sometimes Parineeta can successfully maintain the balance.
– Dr. Raktim Ranjan Saikia [ *** ]

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