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To  Champak Ranjan Bhuyan (Issue No 122/02-2018):
I want to send poem. how can i send it? please tell me!
– Najmal Hussain [ *** ]

To  Issue No 122/02-2018:
Nomoskar. I like the assamese monthly poetryzine. i also write poem and i have composed a poem book named "MON TOI NAKANDIBI".
– Najmal Hussain [ *** ]

To  About Me:
Hi Hemanta, Nice to know about you and your site.its a great thing to be a Assamese people started to great initiative.My best wishes to you and your vision ! I am also glad to say you ,i am also start a new blog from january 2018.My site name is its on a initial stage.please do visit for once! As profession i am a software engineer working on a govt project at guwahati under National Informatic Cente.But my passion is to bring out the hidden talent of different individual in diffrent field. As a experience person you are in this field i want to learn great things from you.Kindly make a visit at hope for the best!
– Jayanta Kalita [ *** ]

To  Parineeta Sharma (Issue No 120/12-2017):
বৰ মনোগ্ৰাহী হৈছে
– Rana Daloi [ *** ]

To  Arunjyoti (Issue No 122/02-2018):
বৰ মনোৰম অনুভৱৰ কবিতা, ধন্যবাদ
– লোচন মণি গগৈ [ *** ]

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