AAI Mar'18 issue is released. In this issue you can read Assamese poems (in Assamese script) written by Aneeloiv Skemp, Bhabajyoti Baruah, Bandana Bhagabati, Bhabananda Saikia, Chandrika Gohain, Epul Hussain, Inu Anderson, Jyoti Chaliha, Jakir Hossain, Kushal Kalita, Kabyoneel Pathak, Lochon Moni Gogoi, Manoshi Handique, Misty Nuri, Mottakinur Rahman, Mehanas Sarkar, Parineeta Sharma, Renuka Das, Rupjyoti Gogoi and Songhoti Ray. Your comments are most welcome. We value and appreciate your comments. Also, you can send your poem to aai for publication.

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An appeal to those who are sending me typed poems: Please use white background. This minimizes some re-work from our side.

– Hemanta Kumar Kalita [ Email to hemanta.kalita@aai.ind.in ]

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To  Bhabajyoti Baruah (Issue No 123/03-2018):
Bor hundor kobita. Man sui gol.
– ARUNJYOTI GOGOI [ ***njouti@gmail.com ]

To  Lochon Moni Gogoi (Issue No 123/03-2018):
Bhout val lagil..
– ARUNJYOTI GOGOI [ ***njouti@gmail.com ]

To  Issue No 113/05-2017:
how can I send poems?
– juri baruah [ ***ibaruah323@gmail.com ]

To  Bandana Bhagabati (Issue No 123/03-2018):
মনোৰম প্ৰকাশ, বৰ ভাল লাগিল, শুভ কামনাৰে ।
– লোচন মণি গগৈ [ ***honmgogoi@gmail.com ]

To  Editor and Poets:
need an poem based on farewell if possible than kindly mail it on my id
– siddik choudhury [ ***dikchoudhury34@gmail.com ]

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