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You have really penned down the most appt poem for the season. Yes, something is in the air at this period of the year which hints the arrival of Xaradiya Durga Puja. Every pasing year reminds us of those early days of our life;The Durga Puja really makes us feel the almighty GOD and bestows upon us Her divine and holy blessings. Your Poetic expressions for this auspicious occasion is very commendable.Congratulations to Mrs Parineeta Sarma.Keep it up!
– Dr Sushanta Boruah [ *** ]

just i read this. very nice n greatgreat website.hope u people done a good job. please keep it up.....
– mridul kr. handique [ *** ]

– Editor

Yes, Maa Durga Puja is a part of our Life! A year cannot be complete without celebrating Durga Puja. And it applies to many many Assamese people, for whom the Mother Goddess is the Ultimate. So, how can I stay without admiring the poem by Parineeta Sharma on Durga Puja? It makes me go down the memory lane to my childhood when I used to simply enjoy the Puja ..till date, as now the Puja means not only fun, but much more than that! Congratulations Parineeta!, for showing how much Maa Durga Puja means for the Assamese people. Beautifully composed and expressive, your poem will go a long way to highlight our important and fun filled festival. May Maa Durga Devi bless us all...
– Dr. Syamanta Boruah [ *** ]

"MOR HRIDAYAR XEUJIA PATHARAT" and "FAGUNAR DOLA " by Parineeta Sharma are outstanding.Both poems are example of ture poetic excellencey.Her poems are always a treat and supplies immesnse pleasure to her reader.Her ability to come up with new subject every time is highly apprectiated. Her poems are always looked forward by her reader.Thank you. with regards Partha, Mumbai
– Partha Sharma [ *** ]

val lagil..... eta val prodopkhep....Best Of Luck..
– Anjal Borah [ *** ]

– Editor

Today I went thro ur page...quite liked the poems...I congratulate u for this splendid effort.bye the way i,m of ur batch,passed 10+2 4m Cotton College in 1993.I used to write.. but haven't written for a while...
– Dr.Runa Gogoi Sonowal [ *** ]

Thanks; Please send your poems to AAI.
– Editor

"Ekhon Bakhen Sobi" by Parineeta Sharma is truely fantastic. It visulaizes the childwood experience that everyone goes through in life and remains forever in heart. Her poems are reader's delight.She has come up as a versetile poet. After reading this poem everyone will go back to their childhood and smile recollecting those experiences............! Thanx
– Partha Pratim Sharma [ *** ]

hi Ms. Parenet sharma. you are very cute writer,l'm like ver mutch your poem, have write poem with HEART. very nice poem
– harsh [ *** ]

very nice poem, you r a very cute writer
– HARSH [ *** ]

"Boroxunat Tita Ejak Jonak" by Parineeta Sharma is a very heartwarming poem. The poetess has managed to describe the pain of being lonely very well.Her choice of words makes the poem very touching and wroth reading.Every time she comes up with brilliant poems and makes her reader delighted and she raises her bar for herself with her latest poem.I always look forward to reading her mew poem. I wish her all the best for her future. Keep up the good work.........! Partha, Mumbai
– Partha Sharma, Mumbai [ *** ]

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