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Its fine to have this kind of website for the assmese poetry development. Best of luck
– BUBUL [ *** ]

– Editor

"Vineetar Chithi" by Parineeta Sharma is yet another poem that shows her credibilty as a poet. With this poem she has proved that she is a complete poet with sensibility and imaginitive best.I congratulate her for her new pom....thank you!
– Partha [ *** ]

hemanta da peviously i have some words for the not take it otherwise actually i am looking for some extra ordinary poem like by bipuljyoti,hiren bhattacharya,nirmalprabha bordoloi....etc..
– dipankar [ *** ]

Dear Dipankar, I can understand what you said. This website is for giving a platform to everyone for expressing his/her thought in the form of poems written in Assamese Language. And we always welcome positive criticism. Thanks.
– Editor

i use to like read assamese poem these poem were written by the various writter was good but the not best .they should try for the best one not like the commone one.
– dipankar das [ *** ]

jita baidewr bia, the poem speak itself the supuperstition among the people due to which a poor girl has to face the entire grief of her heart but could not express herself. very good effort to bring the affect to light. well done. keep it up.
– D.K. BARUAH [ *** ]

hello Kalitaji Hope everything is fine. HAVE A BRIGHT AND ENJOYABLE DIPAWALI.. Thanks Champak Kalita
– champak kalita [ *** ]

– Editor

At me such question I can not change the menu in Windows, it looks on new why that.... Help to adjust... At me of a Window 98
– FaTMollY [ *** ]

First of all, request you to give proper email id and name. Please send me 'screen shot' to my email id to diagnose your problem. As such there should not be any problem in changing 'Menu' in windows.
– Editor

Parineeta sharmar " akhan baak hin sobi" kabita tu porhi anondito holu. Enekua kabita porhiboloi puatu jen bor birol..Teuloi xubesshare..
– Abeli Belir Ghat [ *** ]

Renuka Das r "sanmukaht nubula path" porhi val lagil... thnks Renuka... agoloi anekuwa sowad pam buli asa korisu. and again thanks to Hemanta.
– Nalinee [ *** ]

Thanks for your comment. Looking forward more poems from you.
– Editor

Resp Parineeta Baruah(Bow) read your last ass poem 'saratar durga puja' Your word amalgametion and combition to a specific sense of season is rapidly improving. I am sorry to say-your last few publication of poem although seen by me-due to some tech reason i could not show my reaction. you pl continue you great affort of writting such poems (specially seasonal) i.e. poems that you compose upon seasonal events e.g. bihu,puja,personalities like shankardev,jaymati kunwari etc. Because your sensational and in-depth feeling to-wards those is really appreciable. your word composition and encasutation of idea is xcellent -as appreciated by a group of 'kobita' lovers. with regards Anjan kalita M-104, Mumbai-64
– Anjan Kalita [ *** ]

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