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I Only for like Nobokanta Bora Kabita.
– sanjib phukan [ *** ]

Kalitadeo Aponar Nirbasanere Prakash kara Sankhyat Mok Sthan diar babe bahut dhanyabad. Asa karo Aponar sannidhye amak aag barhat bahu parimane sahay kariba... Baki kabitabor Parhi Bar Bhal Palo.. Champak
– [ ***mpak Kalita ]

– Editor

oti hundar
– binanda [ *** ]

– Editor

"Vineetar Seethi" by Parineeta sharma is a fabulous poem.It delves deep into the the subject and leaves a everlasting impression in the reader's mind.Even the greatest poets and poetess would fall for it.Ihaven't read such an execellent poem in any magazine or newspaper yet.Good work,keep it up!!And thank you hemanta kumar kalita for publishing such a wonderful poem!!
– panchi [ *** ]

– Editor

Aeibar November sankhyar kabita hojaise Bhrigu kumar lahkar, Champak kalita, Parineeta Sharma aru Ritu pawane. Aei sankhyat Bhrigu kumar lahkar aru Parineeta Sharmar kabita duta cithir akarot lekha. Bhrigu kumar lahkarar kabitat romantikota dekhiboloi pua jai.Kabiye Krisna surar Abir dhali Preyoshik Xopunor dekholoi loi juar katha koi…kabitatu pise aei sankhyat hekh hua nai…Parineeta Sharmar kabita tu porhile Hem Baruar “Momotar Sithi” Kabita tuloi monot pore..Ane lage tene hurotei jen aei kabita tuu lekha…Teur kabitat horolota ase..Jen Axomor gaonr kesa matir porokh ase.. Renuka Dasor kabitat hodai biplobi hur dekhiboloi pua jai. Teur kabita jen hamprotik Ashanto homoyor ek Pratibadi hur.. Tenekoi Ritu Pawan aru Champak Kalitar kabita dutau porhi bhal loga.. Ajir Ashanto homoyot Bhal puar katha, Ratir mukoli Akakhat torabure tirbirai thoka katha,Hitor niyoror tupal duborit titi thokar katha porhiboloi puatu jen bor durlobh…......
– Abeli Belir Ghat [ *** ]

Thanks for your nice illustration about the November Issue.
– Editor

The poem "Binitaar Chithi" written by Parineeta Sharma was an awesome poem.I cried while reading the poem,I can't say anything more than this.She expressed the feelings of a "Bharatiya Nari" about the death of their husbands,I was very surprised to read that the Indian women really think that their husbands remain with them even after death.She also expressed that the Indian women can see their husbands in the Sindoor but they keep their family in front.I would like to read more poems like this.
– Micheal Jones [ *** ]

The last three poems of Parineeta "Pathar chabi", "BaaK Heen Chabi" and "Bineetar chithi" has touched my heart. I think those poems might have touched other readers also. Those poems are simply fantastic and outstanding. I am waiting for some similar poems from her. I condemn the misguided terrorists,who have created blood sheds in our ASSAM Thanks Kalita, for your fantastic effort.
– swarup changkakoty [ *** ]

– Editor

Its fine to have this kind of website for the assmese poetry development. Best of luck
– BUBUL [ *** ]

– Editor

"Vineetar Chithi" by Parineeta Sharma is yet another poem that shows her credibilty as a poet. With this poem she has proved that she is a complete poet with sensibility and imaginitive best.I congratulate her for her new pom....thank you!
– Partha [ *** ]

hemanta da peviously i have some words for the not take it otherwise actually i am looking for some extra ordinary poem like by bipuljyoti,hiren bhattacharya,nirmalprabha bordoloi....etc..
– dipankar [ *** ]

Dear Dipankar, I can understand what you said. This website is for giving a platform to everyone for expressing his/her thought in the form of poems written in Assamese Language. And we always welcome positive criticism. Thanks.
– Editor

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