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The poem Rumal By Parineeta Sharma is yet another a nice poem. This is very sentimental one. I enjoied it very much. I hpo we get more such kind of poens from her.
– partha [ *** ]

Parineeta’s “Rumal” is a good effort to create a lyrical poem on love. At least this poem is away from her common trail of nostalgia. It shows her contemporary feelings to some of her beloved. Just like this if she can break her blockage, she has good future. But second word of the poem “thahthahai” is not matched totally with the tune of the whole poem. If one recites this poem, he can understand this problem of tune.
– Raktim R saikia [ *** ]

Aeibar sankhyar gutei keita kabitai porhi bhal lagil...
– Mousumee [ *** ]

The poem "Baakhin sobi" brings alive the childhood memories... - the days each one of us cherish for. A childhood mental chemistry which brings blush and scintillating happiness in our life is well appreciated by people. The poem reflects our inner feelings and the eternal joy we search for in life. We look forward to parineeta sarmah for such nice poems in future.. Wish u all the very best..

I am Sumon Changkakoty.This time I appreciated the poem Baakhin Sobi by Parineeta Sharma.She wrote about Aalum Aura India's first movie which was soundless.She applied this name very nicely through her poem.She is the first person by which I heard the name Aalum Aura because nowadays people are watching so many movies but they don't know the source of these movies.I also appreciate her as she proved that the memories are always soundless videos.Now she have went to the dephts of our mind,many people have thought that it is about our heart but the truth,which you can ask her is that of our mind.I think so she is testing our mind,she can really be a great philosopher as she can feel everyone's heart & mind.
– Sumon Changkakoty [ *** ]

good attempt.just go on .
– navakash [ *** ]

– Editor

Dear Mr. Kalita, I must tell you that your continuous effort of publishing a web magazine specially on poem is really great. I am not telling you about the quality of the poems. But the effort is excellent. Your this personal effort is creating a history in the world of Assamese literature. Being a man from different field you have already contributed a lot to literature. But I have seen that poets who are already bringing new wave to Assamese poem through experiment are absent. This may be due to lack of proper publicity. I think we should all think a solution of this problem. With my best wished to the family of ‘Aai’
– Raktim R Saikia [ *** ]

– Editor

Xahaj Xaral hbaxar "I"r kabita hbal lagial. xabhya howar mon. kabita prokax kariba bicharila kanadora jogajog kariba lage janaba. dhanyabad.
– monoranjan nath [ *** ]

Please send your poem to my email id. Thanks;
– Editor

Both the poems by Parineeta Sharma are outsatnding. Her poems are delight to read.her latest poems are very touching. I wish her luck for her future
– Partha Sharma [ *** ]

Nice to know U. nice effort. where do u stay at present ?
– pankaj [ *** ]

Hi, I work from Bangalore. Thanks;
– Editor

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