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"AAI" It is wonderful step to fulfil the thirst of the poem lovers residing outside assam.I personaly feel the way you guys are doing it is just wonderful.Hope and expecting more from you pepole.At last wish You a very happy and progressive new Year.
– bulan [ *** ]

– Editor

Due to some reason i coould not read Parineeta Sharma's poem for last few days.Her latest poem "Khirikit Sharat " is a such a refreshing experience for me.........! She coalesces her thought with wrods so beautifully. Her poems are really interesting to read. Best wishes - Partha
– Partha Sharma [ *** ]

parineeta......khub bhal lagile!!!
– Raktim [ *** ]

poems in the new issue are very good,particularly " CHOLA " and "Eraldal".keep it up...!!
– Dr. Runa Gogoi [ *** ]

"aaghon" by abee das is a nice poem...It reflects the new change of agri technology in the poem.
– Analkashyap Sarmah [ *** ]

i like the poem of parineeta sharma ...keep it up
– atanu bhuyan [ *** ]

PARINEETA, Congrats to you you are very cute poet... very nice poem......God Bless You.
– Harsh [ *** ]

Respected Sir, Life is a beautiful poem. Life and soul is just one. Literature can completly be compared with soul. There is no specific time for writing poems. Nothing can dominate poems. Dr. Mohendra Bora wants said, ''The wall between poet and the world must be broken.'' There is a thin seperation between poet and the poem. Why poet have to persue the feelings behind the poem. Poem and poet are supplement of each other. There is most importent song means poem, poem means art and writer means literature. Dr. Nirmol Prava Bordoloi wants said, '' He is the hero and he is also the surgon performing and with opsy himself.'' Current poems are all about the present. Poems cannot be bounded by words. Wordswarth explained, ''Every great poet is a teacher, either to be considered as a teacher or as nothing. Through AAI are feelings get connected to the worldly literature. Thank you very much.
– Parineeta Sharma [ *** ]

To Parineeta Sharma Your are a very Cute poet, you write Poem from Heart.
– Harsh (Happy) [ *** ]

Parineeta r kobitatu porhi bor val lagil. teur kobita aagoloiu porhiboloi pam buli aakha korilu. (Poem id: PSK026 )
– Mowsam Hazarika [ *** ]

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