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Moi eta kobita pathiyaisilu pale nai?
– Kunjan kumar gogoi [ *** ]

Sorry.. I have not received any poem from you; Please resend.
– Editor

i would like to Thanks to Editor of "Aai" for creating this Web. Tanks Parinita for giving your such beautiful collection.... i wish your bright future...please keep it up..... Yet March Issue yet not relies.... Please try to relive each issue on 1st of month..... Waiting for march issue... please make first...
– Neeta Devi [ *** ]

Thanks. Please visit AAI this weekend for Mar'11 issue-we have 15 (atleast) poems to publish which is causing delay in processing
– Editor

Bitupan 2mar kobita keita pohi bhal lagise?
– Kunjan kumar gogoi [ *** ]

I Read this Poem by Kuldeep Medhi "Heruaboloi aru kito Ase".. Awesome...Hosay Bodiya Kobita, and It deserve a Recognition Like this. Congrats Kuldeep..Nice Work.
– Anupam Medhi [ *** ]

I am grateful to Editors of 'AAI' for Creating this web... Thanks to Parinita Sharma For giving us Such Collection... I would like to Read her Poem in future... Wish her all the Best.. Please keep it up: Binod Chetri
– Binod Chetri [ *** ]

nice work...keep it up...
– bandana devi [ *** ]

manuhburei mor kabita,, karan,,,,,mor manar kathabur,, kunuba adin teolukei koi,,,kabitar bhaxare,, kathare,,,galppa natuba gitar surere,,,,,,,, tumio koisa jen morei katha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, log pao jadi sinaki hom baru,,,,manar kathabur aaru khuli kobale,,,,tumi tarei kabita likhiba,,,,,manuhbureitu kabita,,,!!!
– John [ *** ]

Congratulations My dear Parineeta Sharma. God Always Bless you.
– Harsh [ *** ]

Hello Parineeta Sharma.... very nice Poem.....
– Harsh [ *** ]

"Pratham Premar Akhan Chiti" is a great creation of the poet. I feel that it get some inspiration from great Devakanta Baruah. Because in both case both poets are so bold in expressing their feelings. Love is a very divinely feeling. From the poem anybody can feel that the poet once fall in a true love. The echo of that love always penetrates poet’s heart. As result we get a so beautiful “creation”. Every body will be jealous to that fortunate lover.
– Dr. Raktim Ranjan Saikia [ *** ]

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