Page  154

To  AAI:
Dear Jahangir,Ghar2 j morei katha2 thik tenekua nahoy.ei2 jikono manuhare habo pare.aru xukh dukho jikono manuhare habo pare.kabita etat koi dia kathabor xaday personal hoa2 jarurito nahoy.baki I m fine.thank u.
– Epul Hussain [ *** ]

To  Nitul Khataniar (Issue No 59 / 11-2012):
This poem has a wow factor... i really like this poem sir..
– Devajit Deka [ *** ]

To  Epul Hussain (Issue No 59/11-2012):
Aponar ghar 2 kar babe aru shuk aru dukh, ok aponi bhalei asene ?
– Jahangir Shah [ *** ]

To  Anindita Handique (Issue No 59/11-2012):
bhal lagil tumar kabita to pohi.. khoshai bhal likhisha
– yaad [ *** ]

To  Ritu Pawan (Issue No 05 / 05-2008):
Birat bhal lagil apunar kobita..... ..ketiaba homoy pale muloi e-mail koribo buli akha kori thakim....
– Kaushik [ *** ]

To  Anuj Gautam (Issue No 59/11-2012):
thanks.ur cancept very good.i promese u any help to aai
– ANUJGAUTAM [ *** ]

To  Jiten Bora (Issue No 59 / 11-2012):
Bohut val lagil...
– Surajit Bori [ *** ]

To  Nitul Khataniar (Issue No 59 / 11-2012):
Val lagil
– Surajit Bori [ *** ]

To  Nitul Khataniar (Issue No 59 / 11-2012):
Val lagil kobita2 porhi.
– Surajit Bori. [ *** ]

To  Guestbook:
"AAI" - The beautiful platform of new Assamese up growing poets. Grateful to the editorial group for their sincere efforts to continue the Assamese poem culture in a unique way. Also thanks to the readers for their beautiful comments on my poem "Xobdor Prithibi" !
– Nitul Khataniar [ *** ]

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