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To  Jonali Gogoi (Issue No 57/09-2012):
hi...... i am anurag. lives in golaghat studying in gcc.doing ma i jst read yr poem. its very gud and interesting... hope yr pen never stop to write such a gud poem for ever........
– anurag [ *** ]

To  Kamal Bordoloi (Issue No 16 / 04-2009):
Apunar Kabita Bor Dhunia Padhi Bor Bhal Lage.
– Arup Das [ *** ]

To  Madhupraan Kaibartta (Issue No 60/12-2012):
Kabitu porhi val lagil.....agoloiu anekua aru bahutu kabita porhibo pam bli axa thakil...
– Jyotishman Phukan [ *** ]

To  Nitul Das (Issue No 56/08-2012):
– ripu [ *** ]

To  Madhupraan Kaibartta (Issue No 60/12-2012):
Asa koru agolaiku enekua kobita porhar sujug pai thakim.....kobitaty bohut bhal lagil.....
– Dhruba narayan saikia [ *** ]

To  Guestbook:
Guestbook-ot sakaluei message diye. Bhaal lage seibur porhi. AAI-r sesta safal hoise. Moi-u dutaman kavita pothalu / prokash hol (sadharonote news paper baa annya aluchonit sahajote notun lekhokor lekha prokash nohoi) / Guestbook-ot dujon maanor comment porhibole-u palu / Eta bor dhuniya anubhab. Tar babe AAI loi Dhanyabad jonalu. AAI-e axomiya kavitar babe ekhon dhuniya platform toiyar korile aru notun notun kavi sakalok-u aguwai aahibole sahokh dile. Ei khetrot AAI safal hoise. Moi bhabu etiya AAi-e axomiya kavita-r maan unnat koribole-u prosesta solabo pare. Eeyar arombhoni swarupe AAI-t prokashito mur dore notun kavi sakalor kavita samuhor samaluchana huwa uchit. Bisisto kavi sakal aaru pathok raaize samaluchanar madhyomere aamar bhul suddhabur aamak dekhuwai gole aamaru gyan barhibo aru logote bhabishyotor kavita samuhot aami aru alap nirbhul hobo parim. Ei bikhoye bhabi sabosun. Aaru eta kotha ei samaluchonabur jodi guestbook-ot hoi tente hoitu bisari uliyabole kisu asubidha hobo karon guestbook-or pristha bohut barhise. Gotike ekhon sukiya samaluchonar pristha baa kavitatur tolotei alap thai hole hoitu subidha hobo.
– Jay Parashar [ *** ]

Dear Jay, nice suggestion. AAI is going to be totally different experience in the world of e-magazine in near future. Our team is working on it very hard. Sometimes by mid of 2013 we will see new version of AAI where your suggestion will also find a place for sure.
– Editor

To  Parineeta Sharma (Issue No 60/12-2012):
It is beautiful sketch in words........! A truth of life we often have to kill our desiers in order to flow with system but in that process we tend to forget ourself our wishes..! This poem depicts our inner desier beutifully desinged with simple words yet deep thought in it....! It is always a treat to read all ur poem PARINEETA SHARMA....!
– Partha Sharma [ *** ]

To  Rousanara Begum (Issue No 59/11-2012):
Bohut Bhal Lagishe.
– Baban [ *** ]

To  AAI:
To deb parashar, Dhuniya hoise...
– prateeva [ *** ]

To  Parineeta Sharma (Issue No 60/12-2012):
Some beautiful moments of life or some fantasies of past life,comes alive in our mind dawn the memory lane. It could be remembered but the 'feel' could not be repeated. You have successfully recreated the "feel of the past'' and also coming back to reality in most practical way. Thats You are Parineeta- Great realization,Great Promises !!!!!
– Dr.Tirtha Das [ *** ]

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