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To  Bandana Bhagabati (Issue No 123/03-2018):
মনোৰম প্ৰকাশ, বৰ ভাল লাগিল, শুভ কামনাৰে ।
– লোচন মণি গগৈ [ *** ]

To  Editor and Poets:
need an poem based on farewell if possible than kindly mail it on my id
– siddik choudhury [ *** ]

Someone may help.
– Editor

To  Kishore Kumar Gogoi (Issue No 122/02-2018):
parhi val lagil kabitati
– RIYYAN [ *** ]

To  Dhiraj (Issue No 122/02-2018):
dhiraj parhi val lagil
– RIYYAN [ *** ]

To  Arunjyoti (Issue No 122/02-2018):
arunjyoti nice poem....keep it up
– RIYYAN [ *** ]

To  Issue No 121/01-2018:
i want to sent my poem
– kuldeep dutta [ *** ]

You may send your pem to my email id published in the Home Page. Thanks;
– Editor

To  Guestbook:
Hi Hemanta, Can you give your mail id.As i told you earlier i have open a blog, hope you visited it,Kindly mail me at : i am eagerly waiting for your mail.
– Jayanta Kalita [ *** ]

Hi, my email id is given in the Home Page. Thanks;
– Editor

To  Guestbook:
আন্তৰিক ধন্যবাদ লোচন মণি গগৈ ডাঙৰীয়া ৷ আপোনাৰ সুন্দৰ মন্তব্য পাই উৎসাহিত হ’লো ৷ ধন্যবাদেৰে অৰুণ গগৈ
– Arun [ *** ]

To  Champak Ranjan Bhuyan (Issue No 122/02-2018):
I want to send poem. how can i send it? please tell me!
– Najmal Hussain [ *** ]

The procedure to send poem to AAI is given in its Home Page.
– Editor

To  Issue No 122/02-2018:
Nomoskar. I like the assamese monthly poetryzine. i also write poem and i have composed a poem book named "MON TOI NAKANDIBI".
– Najmal Hussain [ *** ]

– Editor

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