AAI SEP'16 issue is released. In this issue you can read Assamese poems (in Assamese script) written by Anjit Chariyo, Ashwaini Gogoi, Bhabajyoti Baruah, Bibit Dehingia, Banikanta Lahkar, Bhupendra Narayan Dihingia, Dhananjoy Kurmi, Dibash Melsodha, Ritu Pawan, Inamul F Hassan, Juri Gogoi, Kuladip Baruah, Kuldip Medhi, Karuna Phukan, Mukut Ali, Mohini Babul Pathak, Parineeta Sharma, Pallab Pathak, Partha Pratim Kalita, and Sagar Sanjib. Your comments are most welcome. We value and appreciate your comments. Also, you can send your poem to aai for publication.

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An appeal to those who are sending me typed poems: Please use white background. This minimizes some re-work from our side.

– Hemanta Kumar Kalita [ Email to hemanta.kalita@aai.ind.in ]

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To  Issue No 105/09-2016:
– pranjal dutta [ ***njaldutta39@gmail.com ]

To  Karuna Phukan (Issue No 105/09-2016):
– Jinturkar Medhi [ ***tumedhi1987@rediffmail.com ]

To  Jyoti Chaliha (Issue No 103/07-2016):
Jethai, they are not gone, they remain there besides you , just in a different form , look for them in your heart and there you will find them in our love , in our memories which forever lives on. In those moments when you feel alone look for them in your thoughts and there you will find them in sweet memories that burn strong . Every time a tear forms in your beautiful eyes look up to the heaven and there you will see them , smiling down from god's glorious sky .
– chinmoy baruah [ ***ruah14@gmail.com ]

To  Partha Pratim Kalita (Issue No 105/09-2016):
বৰ সুদ্নৰ হৈছে...
– পৰশমণি [ ***me162@gmail.com ]

To  Banikanta Lahkar (Issue No 105/09-2016):
বৰ্তমান সমাজখনৰ এখন জীয়া ছবি ফুটি উঠিছে কবিতাটোত। পঢ়ি ভাল লাগিল, দাদা।
– Bijoy Bezbaruah [ ***ezbaruah2011@gmail.com ]

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