AAI April'14 issue is released. In this issue you can read Assamese poems (in Assamese script) written by Ankur Jyoti Das, Banikanta Lahkar, Biren Sonowal, Chayanika Chetia, Anubhav Boxonta, Dulen Gogoi, Epul Hussain, Ritu Pawan, Jahnabi Gogoi, Kuladip Baruah, Md Musfick Ali, Mrinal Gogoi, Moushumi Bori, Nilutpal Kumar Neog, Parineeta Sharma, Pritirekha Das, Prakash Gautam, Prayash Pratim, Rajib Kayastha, Siddhartha Borkakati. Your comments are most welcome. We value and appreciate your comments. Also, you can send your poem to aai for publication.

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An appeal to those who are sending me typed poems: Please use white background. This minimizes some re-work from our side.

– Hemanta Kumar Kalita [ Email to hemanta.kalita@aai.ind.in ]

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To  Issue No 76/04-2014:
– jems afridi [ ***uee352@gmail.com ]

To  Nilutpal Kumar Neog (Issue No 76/04-2014):
U r really So sweet and cute Poet..Swt Heart....Luv u !!!# Nilutpal Kumar Neog
– Smita Gogoi [ ***tgm@gmail.com ]

To  AAI:
Khomuh aai'r poriyaloloi Rongali Bihur hiyabhora ulog Janalu...abee Das
– Abee Das [ ***edas2000@gmail.com ]

To  Rajib Kayastha (Issue No 76/04-2014):
আপোনাৰ কবিতা পঢ়ি বৰকৈ অভিভূত হ'লো । আপোনাৰ কবিতাৰ এটা বিশেষত্ব আছে ।
– Dimpi borborah [ ***borahdimpi@gmail.com ]

To  Rajib Kayastha (Issue No 76/04-2014):
অতুলনীয় ।
– Kamol priyom [ ***olpriyom@gmail.com ]

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